Garage Door Materials, Parts, Accessories, Etc.

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Choose the Right Garage Door For You

Need a new garage door installed in Houston, Texas? We have the experience and a wide range of options to find you the perfect garage door. Choose from the top brands that we offer in our extensive catalog. And if you are planning a custom garage door setup, let us assist you in designing a garage door that’s stylish, convenient to use, and securely built. 


Whatever the architectural style of your home, our designs and customizable options will upgrade your overall exterior. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all these available options, there are certain things to consider:


  • What material/s am I drawn to? And why do I like that particular material?
  • What material will work best in my location?
  • What architectural style do I want?
  • What is my garage door budget?

When you’re looking for a company to take care of or upgrade your garage door, it’s essential to go for someone reliable. You can trust our team at White Oak Overhead Doors – we are experts in all facets of garage door installation and garage door repair. We take pride in offering the best garage door brands and products.


Garage Door Materials

Picking the right garage door material can make your space not only visually stunning but also give protection from outside elements. With our variety of garage door options, you can create your own combination of material, design, and color that will liven up your home design.

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Wood and Wood Composite Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are a great way to add warmth and curb appeal to your home. The exterior of your garage or garage door will be the first thing people see when they come in contact with your property. Wood or wood composite garage doors give a warm welcome, an inviting gesture that is appreciated by homeowners in Houston, Texas. We know that wood is an investment that pays off in many ways. Here at White Oak Overhead Doors Co. Houston, TX we offer a wide variety of types, finishes, and styles of wooden garage doors to choose from so you can find something perfect.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors lend well to contemporary home designs – it’s cool, minimalist, and industrial vibe suits a modern-style home. Modern galvanized steel garage doors are rust-proof, making them a favorite in heavy-duty settings like industrial warehouses or public storage sites. They figure well in homes, too, because of their excellent versatility, durability, and insulation. We offer a range of affordable options and styles to create a one-of-a-kind steel garage door that doesn’t compromise style.

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Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage doors are the go-to if you want a sleek, lightweight option for your space. It is easy to keep the material clean, it’s practically rust-proof, and it provides great insulation for areas like Houston, Texas that experience colder climates. Aluminum garage doors are also lighter than other materials, requiring less effort on the garage door opener and the motorized system. There’s design payoff as well as it is easy to paint in a variety of colors. We offer robust aluminum garage door options and help you get a quick installation process for your home or business.

Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors have a certain modern appeal. They bring the natural light from outside into your garage space, brightening the area and preserving scenic views outdoors. Our glass garage door options range from frosted, tinted, shatter-proof, and powder- coated. If you’re looking for something beyond the traditional garage door style, consider a glass garage door – you’ll definitely have the sleekest and most polished garage door style without sacrificing the security of your garage space. 

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Garage Door Parts for Houston, Texas

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are crucial in all garage door systems. They are the key parts responsible for moving the heavy door. While the garage door opener starts and regulates the movement, the springs provide the counterweight to the door to keep the movement steady. There are two main types of springs found in most garage doors:

Extension springs are generally located on the sides of the garage door’s horizontal tracks. You can easily spot them as they tend to be exposed, perpendicular to the garage door when it is closed. As the garage door moves, the extension springs stretch out to give the lifting power needed to wield the door. The more force is applied, the further the springs will extend. Cables are added through the springs to prevent them from flying off in case they break.

Also called torque springs, are installed horizontally and placed above the header of the garage door. These thick, tight springs use torque to lift and close the doors per cycle. Cables and wheels attached to the torsion spring help counterbalance the weight of the garage door. The number of springs used depends on the size and weight of your garage door.

The average extension and torsion spring lifespan is around 10,000 garage door cycles, or seven years, give or take. Most garage door spring systems now are durable enough to keep working for a long time, but all of these springs eventually have to be replaced.

Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is one of the main components of an entire garage door unit. In our modern times, opening and closing a clunky garage door by hand is a thing of the past!


White Oak Overhead Doors  has all the trusted varieties and names in garage door openers. With brands like Lift Master and Genie, we carry only the most reliable models to make your garage door entry and exit hassle-free.


As an official supplier of industry-recognized brands, we feature these advantages:


  • Premium convenience every time the garage door is opened and closed
  • Noiseless operation for residential and commercial garage doors
  • Responsive controls
  • User-friendly device 
  • Smart connectivity ready
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Garage Door Accessories

Garage doors function in an intricate mechanical system, and there is a certain lifespan for its parts. Here are the main garage door parts White Oak Overhead Doors Co. Houston, TX can maintain for you:

Garage door rollers are rod-and-wheel systems that connect the door to a set of tracks. This allows the door’s opening and closing movements to go swiftly. Rollers come in plastic, which will last only a few years, or steel with ball bearings. This one is more durable, but it’s also the noisiest option. There are also nylon rollers, which can last for a decade if well maintained, and provide the quietest operation. However, these are the priciest among the three. We can replace worn-out rollers to prevent the door tracks moving unevenly under the heavy load of the door.

Photoelectric sensors send signals to the opener to control the door’s motion. This helps prevent the garage door from closing down on vehicles, people, and objects. The sensors automatically stop and reverse the direction of the door whenever it detects an obstruction right on the path of the garage door. Keeping the safety sensors in good condition will keep you and your family safe from any unfortunate mishaps. Especially if you have children in the household who might play right under the garage door, it’s a must to get the sensors checked regularly.

These products make your daily garage door operation that much more convenient. A simple click will open or close the garage door, and most of these accessories can be used to turn on your interior and exterior lights. 

Aside from these main products, we also carry commercial-grade parts such as hinges, extension kits, brackets, and replacement door panels. We know that homes and businesses use garage doors daily, which means they will inevitably result in damaged and worn-out parts. White Oak Overhead Doors Co. Houston, TX knows what type of parts and accessories you need to equip your garage door. Our team can supply what you need and perform a thorough garage door repair. 

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