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Houston, Texas homeowners deserve the best garage door installation service, and we are here to lend a helping hand. White Oak Overhead Doors Co. Houston, TX has been a long standing local company when it comes to garage door installation. We are efficient, and we only provide reasonable rates for quality results.


Our custom garage door installation services will work within your budget and requirements. Whether you need single doors, double garage doors, or custom garage door designs, we will add curb appeal and property value to your home. Our garage door service technicians are here 24/7 for emergency garage door repairs as well as scheduled installation projects. We always work for your utmost convenience!

Only the Best Garage Door Service Technicians

With years of experience, our garage door installation experts will ensure that the project does not become a long, arduous process. We use our training and first-hand experience when approaching garage door installation and replacement projects. We provide the latest tools and execute each step in an organized manner. 


When you work with us, we’ll conduct the following steps:

This is the first step to having the right garage door for your Houston, Texas home. We’ll assist in finding the particular style, material, and safety feature that matches your home or business, budget, and overall style sensibilities. That means laying out all the options plus the pros and cons for each garage door design and brand. We won’t be pushing our preferences; you, as the customer, will decide which brand and model to include in your home.

Once you’ve selected your new garage door, our professionals will visit your property for a pre-installation inspection. We’ll prep and measure the garage area to keep everything exact and well-fitted by the installation date. We’ll book both the pre-installation check and actual installation day on whatever schedule works for you for convenience.

Our garage door installation is done by qualified technicians. We subscribe only to the industry’s best practices, and we will perform a thorough inspection before and after the installation itself. If you need help with the disposal of your old garage door unit, we also provide disposal services.

The garage door service doesn’t stop on installation – we do checks after the project. We want to make sure that the warranty is on point, that the garage door works perfectly, there are no defects, and that all the parts are correctly installed. You can coordinate with our garage door specialists for scheduled maintenance. With a consistent inspection schedule, you’ll have peace of mind knowing any issues are spotted before they turn into bigger problems.

From your inquiry, product options, home assessment to the actual installation and post-checks, our professionals will work the best every step of the way.

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White Oak Overhead Doors Co. Houston, TX has the best to offer for garage door installation and garage door repairs. We provide garage door installation work to Houston, Texas and the surrounding communities. We’ve got the right tools and experience to give you the best garage door for your property. And we are dedicated to be here 24/7 for whenever you will call. Replace your worn-out garage doors today!